Mattie Miracle Walk & Family Festival 2019
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The Mattie Miracle Cancer Foundation's mission is to promote awareness and education as well as enhance access to psychosocial support for children with cancer and their families. Please help me to support Mattie Miracle's incredible mission and work to help children with cancer and their families cope with the psychological, emotional and social needs from date of diagnosis throughout the cancer journey. Every donation counts and together we can make a difference to children living with childhood cancer. Thank you!

Here are some examples of the impact that your donation can make:

  • $100: Fun craft or holiday activity for 10 children with cancer and their siblings
  • $500: Pediatric nurse support group luncheon for 6 months
  • $1,000: Stock free snack cart for three months for families caring for children who are hospitalized at Georgetown Hospital and Children's Hospital at Sinai
  • $3,000: Fund a Psychosocial Researcher to help implement the psychosocial standards of care
  • $6,000: Think tank for mental health professionals, advocates and payors to define reimbursement pathways for essential psychosocial services
  • $10,000: Psychosocial Research Grant to award investigators who wish to undertake research that will advance the implementation of the Psychosocial Standards of Care
  • $15,000: Child Life Specialist (part-time) who supports 3,500 children a year
  • $30,000: Training of mental health providers on the delivery of Psychosocial Standards of Care
  • $100,000: Initial phase funding for Center of Psychosocial Excellence



  • Janet (about 4 weeks ago)

    Victoria, we support your foundation with its full spectrum of programs, and your tireless dedication.

  • Margaret (about a month ago)

    In memory of Mattie & all the Heroes of Childhood Cancer

  • Lori (about a month ago)

    Thank you for your never-ending commitment to improve the lives of children with cancer and their family members

  • Jean (about a month ago)

    Congrats on 10 years! Sorry we can't be there to support in person.

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Number of pledges received: 23
Goal achievement: 95%
Number of page visits: 719
Days since event: 30

Event Information
What: Mattie Miracle Walk & Family Festival 2019
Where: Mattie Miracle Walk & Family Festival
When: Sunday May 19, 2019 at 10:00 AM

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